Epitech’s Strategy

EPITECH has solidified its reputation as a leading educational institution transforming computer science passion into an expertise which opens doors to high potential employment comparable to those enjoyed by graduates from the elite French Universities, also known as the “Grand Ecoles” (100% employment after graduation).

Business demands functional education based on the innovative EPITECH model which is built upon three qualities that are increasingly required in the workplace: adaptability, autonomous development, and a sense of project management.

EPITECH, founded in 1999, prepares students for the ever-evolving professional environment through unique learning methods.

  1. A modern model constructed on experience, oriented towards action and project development, enriching theory through practical application and not the opposite.
  2. An active model which turns a passive class participant into an active self-starter living in the passion-driven context which cherishes innovation and initiative.
  3. A unique model which provides the new and essential elements of success: team-work, adaptation, global orientation, innovation, creativity and above all a sense of personal investment

EPITECH is not only a curriculum in tune with the times and the information and communication technology sector but also an education that personally enriches students by making them solid, open to change and to others and that permits immediate yet sustainable success.

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