Who are we ?

For 20 years, Epitech has been the benchmark school for IT expertise and innovation. Through a computer or digital course, train yourself up with our comprehensive programs allowing you to master the digital challenges of any business.

Epitech, a computer school unlike any other

Choosing Epitech is to live an experience. Autonomy, freedom, creativity are the keywords of our school. Each profile is taken into account and it is our methodology that adapts to the individual, not the other way around. Our active, inductive and project-based learning trains professionals capable of working together on innovative IT projects.

Excellence, solidarity and courage are the values of Epitech. We train the leaders of tomorrow, recognized for their uniqueness, their adaptability and their ability to make others grow.

And because any prestigious school must be present all over the world, Epitech internationalizes itself from year to year by creating campuses in its neighboring countries first, then by going to seek partnerships further afield.

Today, we have 14 campuses in France, but also in Belgium, Germany, and Spain.

Tomorrow we will be elsewhere.

At Epitech, we are not asked what we did before, we are asked what we will do after
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