The Pool

Epitech invented the concept of the Pool 20 years ago. By bringing students together for several weeks, the Pool allows them to test their motivation and above all to strengthen mutual aid and solidarity between students, values held dear to Epitech.
Over the years, the Pool remains an essential phase in the Epitech curriculum, in which it intervenes in different forms and at different times.

Why the Pool?

A name reminiscent of a full immersion, the Pool means that you will enter into the deep end of code! You will immerse yourself in a mutual working environment, albeit studious, but always in a positive and fun atmosphere … What better way to discover this new universe?

The Pool is an intense period, a probation for students who test not only their endurance and their motivation, but also their penchant for code and especially for learning and logic.

As we know: the digital world is constantly evolving, and we will not give you the magic solution. The idea of the Pool is to teach you how to find the answers for yourself. You will be helped, guided, supported by the Asteks, students of the higher years who will supervise you; but also by your peers, who swim in the same pool as you!

You will surely encounter similar difficulties, and you will learn by helping your classmate, but also by seeking answers from others. The group dynamic will therefore have its effect, and far beyond technical learning, you will learn to work together: to support each other, to challenge each other, and to unite around a common project.

We will help guide you to find your ability to adapt, carry out research and self-learn. What could be more stimulating than looking for the solution to a problem within yourself or with others? And not in a manual! At Epitech you are not seen as a vessel of knowledge, and the Pool is there to remind you that the answer lies within you. Only you have the ability to analyze and achieve your goal.

Thanks to the Pool you will acquire the right attitude, the right rhythm, the tenacity, the right direction … to help you swim in the big tech deep end!

The different pools

The first and second year, but also during the innovation cycle from the third year, the pools accompany students throughout their course.

The first-year pool

The most emblematic pool, which all Epitech students remember, is the one that takes place in the first year. For many of you, these are the first steps into the world of code, along with learning a new language. It lasts five weeks, begins with small projects, then as the students develop their skills, they discover the “big part»: bistromatics, a calculator that must manage infinite numbers … A major challenge for a freshman who has never learned to code!

But rest assured, you will absolutely not be left to your own devices. Divided into six factions, each of them has the support of an educational guide and two technical assistants. These are students of higher years who have experienced the same situation as you and are now here to help you understand how to reason in order to progress and improve. They will support you in your thinking process, but never give you the answer, letting you find it for yourself …

The C ++ Pool

At the start of the second year comes the C ++ Pool, which teaches you this new language. After having discovered the C + language during the first year pool, and having learned to master it throughout the rest of the year; you’ll be coming out of an internship lasting several months. So, the C ++ Pool will be a good way for you to get back on track. These three intensive weeks allow you to be effective in C ++ to calmly apprehend the projects of the coming year and consolidate your skills. If the pace of work is even faster than during the first-year pool, the fact that you now master computer code well enough, will immerse you even faster in more challenging projects.

Another version of the Pool takes place in the third year at the Moonshot event. Come and learn more about this starting point from our innovation cycle.

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