Epitech partners

Epitech consists of 17 schools connected to their ecosystem, which have a network of 3000 partner companies in all sectors of the economy, from local start-ups to large international accounts.

To better meet both the needs of businesses and students, Epitech has implemented Epitech Player, a specific policy dedicated to its partners.

A Player is a company which pays the apprenticeship tax (category B outside the scale quota) to school and thereby supports its development. It is a partner that helps bring innovation to the heart of different economic sectors, technologies and societal issues. It then acts hand in hand with the Coding Club for example, or the E-mma association or any other association which aims to make digital content accessible to all.

The Player is engaged in the various actions organized by the school and is committed to promoting the professional integration of Epitech students and alumni. It contributes to enrich their corporate culture and to awaken their future career paths.

The possibilities of collaboration between Epitech and companies

Companies can engage with Epitech in a number of ways and to varying degrees depending on the level of involvement they choose.

  • The “essentials” : technology conferences, CV workshops, internship and job offers on the Epitech Career Center, CV banks Shape Your Network
  • The “mentors”, which combine the needs and challenges of the Players with the creativity of the students on innovation themes : participation in juries during key events in the innovation cycle such as the Epitech Innovative Projects, Moonshot or Forward ; joint work on Hub projects (POC, realization of prototypes, Tests, Rush…)
  • The most “fun”, to introduce our students to the corporate culture through friendly meetings with mentoring : “Live my life”, afterwork & meetings, challenges…

Different categories of players

Regional Player

Interventions in 1 school campus

National Player

Interventions in several school campuses in France

Global Player

Involvement in Epitech campuses nationally and internationally

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